Adapting to Changing Circumstances After Divorce

Life seldom stands still. Circumstances change. Even after a divorce is final, there may be a need to revisit issues like support, visitation and alimony. Perhaps someone decides to re-marry or change his or her job. Perhaps the income of one or both households suddenly changes, or your children need an increased or decreased amount of financial support.

In these situations, it may be necessary to seek a post-divorce judgment modification. Whatever your changed financial situation might be, our attorneys at Slavitt & Cowen are here to help you find a modification that meets yours and your family's needs.

As New Jersey marital settlement agreement lawyers, we have extensive experience handling modifications for divorce judgments and marital settlement agreements. Whether you seek an increase or decrease in support or parenting time, we can help you find a modification that suits your particular circumstances.

We handle:

  • Modifications of property agreements
  • Modifications of spousal maintenance
  • Modifications of child support
  • Modifications of child visitation agreements and custody

As experienced Newark child support modification attorneys, we understand that circumstances change. Whether they are slight or substantial changes, we are able to properly identify the change to circumstance involved that could justify a court application for a modification. We will conduct a thorough factual investigation of what has taken place since the settlement or judgment, and will work out a solution that takes issues like retirement and alimony into consideration.

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